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projection mapping


Mokedo creates brilliantly creative art experiences where light, color and shadows create intricate patterns and hypnotic visual art.  

Each individual artwork brings its own unique story to life with a vibrancy of hues and hints of 80's nostalgia.

Through light play and creative collaboration, Mokedo casts an everchanging canvas that celebrates the beauty of life reimagined in art.

Every shape, tone and texture serves as an invitation to explore the intricacy of patterns that make up the artistic universe that is inside of the artist that is Mokedo.

Below you will find a variety of art installations and exhibits created by Mokedo utilizing and focusing on the art of light as a main medium. From projection mapping on the forest trees to site specific sculptures of glowing textiles or
lighting design on botanical gardens.

Seattle, WA

Google Redmond
Zen Room Permanent Video Exhibit

Pacific Science Center
Seattle, WA