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Mokedo Services


Interested in renting Mokedo for your next adventure? With 1500 Sq ft of artist loft beauty, Mokedo is adaptable to most any type of creative project or event!
If you think your event might be a good fit for Mokedo, or Mokedo might be a good fit for your event, please fill out a short form and we'll be in touch!

Event Production & Curation

Looking for someone to curate or produce your event? Mollie Bryan is accepted new clients for 2018. Mollie Bryan is the woman behind Mokedo and Lusio and with her comes 10+ years of event management and a vast network of artists. Mollie has a knack for producing unique events that support the local artists community.
Contact Mollie at mokedogallery at geemail dot com


Non-Profit Fundraising

Are you a Non-Profit looking to build a fundraiser? A fundraiser doesn’t have to be a huge event that takes up 10 months of your year to plan! Using her experience as an event producer, her wide network of light and sound artists, and 4 years working directly with non-profits, Mokedo can curate an event for you that will delight and entice all demographics and be produced in a few months. Don’t have a venue? Use Mokedo - Mokedo offers non-profit discounts for rentals or it can be worked into the project contract. Don’t have the time to create a fundraiser but still want to create some income? "Sponsor" a bar at Mokedo event.  Mokedo curated events helped one non-profit raise over $20,000 last year! 
Let Mokedo help your non-profit thru specialty curated art events. 

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