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Mokedo Rentals

Mokedo is an events gallery and a working artists studio. The art is ever changing and the 1500 square foot space easily morphs to any type of event with it's elegant black chandeliers, 35 ft tall walls, rolling garage door, cozy loft spaces and clean lines. Mokedo is a unique gem of a space.
 That said, not all events are created equal. Please see below to see if your event is right for Mokedo. You can send us a quick note via the form below to get in touch for more information or to set up a time for a walk thru.

125 standing capacity
1 bathroom -wheelchair accessible
1500 sq feet total - 400 upstairs
Must be 21 years old to rent
Rates depend on the needs and details of the event.
Please contact Mokedo for a direct quote via the online form at the bottom of the page. 
The average weekend price Mokedo rents for is $125/hr

"Can I set up a day in advance or clean up the next day?"
You will have access to the space during your rental time reserved. This includes time for set up/clean up. No early arrivals allowed without approval in writing - this includes staging in the parking lot. Please be sure to include proper time for set up and clean up in your planning. 

What does Mokedo provide with the rentals?
Mokedo currently has 2 folding tables, 2 card tables, 5 folding bar tables, and 15 folding chairs plus a couple other random small tables available for use during the rental.
Mokedo will provide basic cleaning supplies for tidying up Mokedo and TP.
You provide anything else you and your guests might need. 
Mokedo can provide a sound system, cleaning, or party light for extra fees.
Mokedo does not have a liquor license and no sales of liquor are allowed except for the following circumstances
The event has a Special Occasion License from a non-profit
The event is private has a permit to sell presales only with the drink included in the price of the tickets. 

A banquet permit must be obtained for all events bringing liquor but this only allows private events to consume, not sell.
Please see website for detailed information
"Can I have my wedding there?"
Sure thing! It's happened before and is a great spot for an intimate gathering.
The Glass House upstairs can be made into a "dressing area" for the bride.
After business hours noise is usually not at issue Mokedo but large sound systems or music events must be approved in advance.

"I want to put on a show at Mokedo!"
Mokedo is here to support the arts and music community but Mokedo is also selective about the art and music events produced at Mokedo. Mokedo focuses primarily on electronic sound making, light art, interactive sculptures, 2D and providing education and experiences with these formats.
Mokedo works with selective seasoned event producers for music events. If you're looking to produce an art or music event at Mokedo, please contact me via the form below.

"Leave it as you found it"
Unless you choose to pay the extra cleaning fee, you are responsible for clean up and removal of all trash from Mokedo by the end of your rental time. 

Please let us know if you have any specific decor needs.

Feel free! Mokedo doesn't work with any specific caterers but we can recommend some!

Unless there is a sports game, there is plenty of parking along Airport Way for your guests and we have 3 spots inside the gate for 3 cars to park.



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